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Content Writing Services – Putting the Words to Paper

Our professional content writing services are done by the best writers and they can deliver what you need for your website. There are numerous options that you can pick and choose from for types of content and the length of each option, such as:

  • Press releases, which are from 400 to 450 words
  • Blogs, which are up to 300 words
  • Articles, which are up to 500 words

Not only that, but you can pick them in the amount that you want and most of them come in different word counts depending on the type. This is the easiest way for you to get all of your work done for your site without having to worry about anything else, so let us do the work for you.

When it comes to hiring us for our professional content writing services there are plenty of things that you can think about and pick from. Not only do we have the options for you to pick what type of articles you want, but you can also choose your monthly amount. This means that you can get what you want when you need it rather than paying for articles that you aren’t going to use.

Our Content Writing Services Process

At DMB, our content marketing services revolve around six simple, focused steps.

It all begins with data – we at Digital Media Boom understand that data and content go hand-in-hand, and we don’t begin with the creative process until every idea and concept has a facts-based guideline to measure up against. We find out what your industry’s biggest audiences crave, where your competitors derive their most success, and what potential customers want to know most before considering a purchase, to begin with.

Once we know what your audience wants, we tailor a content plan that best matches your services and products with your sales demographic. We know that the end-goal of good content is to bring about great profit – and to us, nothing builds greater ROI than authority-building content.

With the planning aside, the creative process begins. Content is art, and we employ artists to build your content. However, our artists are professional marketers, as well. Here at Digital Media Boom, we follow latest writing practices to the T, creating content that reads easy, entertains, and converts.

Nothing passes the cutting room without rigorous editorial practices, eliminating common grammatical spoofs and ill-advised SEO whiffs. Our content is concise, and the product of effort and time.

Content doesn’t attract an audience on its own. It doesn’t stand on its own two legs. Instead, it needs others to do the legwork for it. We help you spread and promote your content, build a simple yet effective social distribution plan, and devise the most cost-effective and efficient way to steadily build your website’s audience.

No action amounts to anything without proper reflection – and what goes for meditation, is equally important in content creation. Every article, blog entry and content edit is tracked, analyzed, and built upon. Monthly reports show your traffic and sales progress, while individual metrics help our team devise a constantly up-to-date content plan.

Content Writing & Marketing Services Essential For

Content Writing Services Packages

Choose from affordable Content Writing Services Packages & Get The Best Results In Return

Websites Pages Upto 5 pages 10+ Pages 25+ Pages 50+ Pages
Web Content Writing Package Cost (400- 450 words) USD 100 USD 180 USD 375 USD 600
Cost per Web Content USD 20 USD 18 USD 15 USD 12
Article Writing Upto 5 Articles 10 Articles 25 Articles 50 Articles
Article Writing Package Cost (upto 500 words) USD 90 USD 160 USD 300 USD 500
Cost per Article USD 18 USD 16 USD 12 USD 10
Press Release Writing 5 Press Release 10 Press Release 25 Press Release 50 Press Release
Press Release Writing Package Cost (upto 500 words) USD 175 USD 300 USD 700 USD 1250
Cost per Press Release USD 35 USD 30 USD 28 USD 25
Blog Writing 5 Blogs 10 Blogs 25 Blogs 50 Blogs
Blog Writing Package Cost (upto 300 words) USD 75 USD 120 USD 250 USD 400
Cost per Blog USD 15 USD 12 USD 10 USD 8

We are a Digital Marketing Company that believes in delivering meaningful experiences in the digital marketing space. Whether you are an established brand or a startup.

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